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Therapeutic Ultrasound Friend or Foe

19th February 2020
By Paul Bailey MSc – PGCE - IPTIHistory and use of Ultrasound Most people are familiar with the diagnostic prenatal ultrasound test, that’s typically offered to pregnant woman around 14 to 20 weeks

Scalene Myofascial Pain Syndrome (SMPS) – Misdiagnosed Neck Pain

27th January 2020
Introduction Scalene pain is a relatively common condition; however, it is frequently misdiagnosed. Deep within the neck there is an area known as the anterior Triangle. It is in this area that 3 Scalene muscles reside. These muscles originate from your cervical spine and insert into your first and second ribs. The muscles function to elevate your ribs, tilt your neck and assist in breathing. When

Tendinopathy, Steroid Use And Treatment

24th January 2020
Paul Bailey MSc – PGCE – IPTI During 20 years of clinical practice I have treated an array of sports related injuries. One of the most problematic being chronic tendon pain. A tendon is a tough band of fibrous tissue that connects muscle to bone. Tendons have the ability to transmit vast amounts of muscular force, and to store energy. Not all tendons have the same function. Some are associated

Weight-loss through the use of Whole-Body Vibration Training.

17th December 2019
“Weight-loss” what’s best Traditional Exercise or Whole-Body Vibration Training?Introduction Recently whole-body vibration training (WBVT), has been gaining interest in the health and fitness community for its reported beneficial outcomes. Such benefits include:Increased muscle strength & massIncreased bone densityFat reduction Improved flexibilityReduced levels of stress However, studies

RJH Motorbike Training

30th May 2019
Review  RJH offer motorcycle training from an array of different sites for example, Salford, Northwich, Blackburn and Wigan. RJH are also accredited by the MCIA achieving Gold standard. If your considering

Current Educational CPD 28/05/2019

30th May 2019
EduCare  > L2 Working with Display Screen Equipment  > L2 Equality and Diversity  > L2 Fire Safety in Education  > L2 A practical Guide to the GDPR  > L2 Safe Guarding Young People +

MC Sports Therapy

8th April 2019
Paul Bailey MSc - PGCE - IPTI  Founder of PAYGT and associate therapist for MC Sports Therapy.  Services offered include:Orthopaedic Assessment Deep Tissue Massage  Myofascial Massage IASTM MET / PNF Stretching Injury treatments Foot posture correction (orthotic intervention)Cryotherapy Taping and Strapping Rehabilitation adviceUltrasound TherapyElectrotherapy Laser

Professional Membership and Insurance

8th April 2019
Insurance  Once qualified its imperative that the appropriate level of insurance is obtained, to protect you against any claims made.  IPTI was founded in 1982 and have been looking after the

Football Aid 2019

8th April 2019
Pay As You Go Training is a proud provider of Pre, Inter & Post event massage for the prestigious Football Aid events.  Dates/venues confirmedStoke City FC 13th May 2019 Everton FC 16th May 2019Manchester United FC 20th May 2019 Bolton FC 30th May 2019Blackburn Rovers FC 25th April 2019    +
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